Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How the Social Justice Collection Arrived at the Davies

LSC Prof. Pat Shine, center, with students presenting on social justice books.
Lyndon State College Professor Pat Shine agreed to ask her students to select the 10 most important books for us to shelve in terms of social justice -- the ones that people would want to read for both the good writing and the way the books could make a difference in their approach to this subject. Here's the list the students made:
White Butterfly
Nickled & Dimed
The New Jim Crow
The Tortilla Curtain
Out of My Mind
Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?
Fun Home
The Half Has Never Been Told
Without a Net
Why Does He Do That
Then, on March 8 (after "weather" postponed the original February date), four of the students and Professor Shine came to the Davies Memorial Library (donating their time!) and talked about the titles they had read and what these books meant to them. (Some of their descriptions may post in this column later.)

Here's what one Waterford resident, Linda M., wrote after the event:
The students' book summaries made me want to read each book.  Their comments provided me with more understanding of how and why we can be so mean to each other.  That sentence may seem harsh but I am troubled about slavery, Nazi-ism, and turning away immigrants fleeing for their lives.  The discussion made a huge impact on me because it revealed that if we don't consider every human as being as "human" and "good" as "us" then it is easy to be vicious and cruel.  Our view of others does influence our actions and those we select to lead us.  Thank you for providing me with a new perspective for evaluating my own behavior and for responding to or confronting the behavior of others. 
The books are available at the Davies; contact Jen at if you'd like to reserve one to read today.

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